Radiator & Cooling

Radiator & Cooling

A cooling system that leaks not only makes a mess of your driveway but it also places the entire engine at risk of overheating and failing. Cars more than ten years old also may have radiators that need replacement because they are plugged with deposits that reduce cooling system efficiency.

If you have a leaky system, stop by 13 & Crooks Auto Repair and we’ll check it out and let you know what to have done. We’ll check the hoses and radiator, the water pump and the thermostat, make all the right repairs and get you back on the road.

If you car has given many years of service, treat its cooling system to a flush and fill with fresh coolant. The system will last longer and perform better.

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Radiator and Cooling System services: Radiator Replacement, Radiator Fan Replacement, Radiator Fan Belt replacement, Radiator Fluid Leak diagnostics and repair, Radiator Hose replacement