Wheels & Tires

Wheels & Tires

Your tires are as important as your brakes for safety. Driving on worn-out tires can be extremely hazardous in wet and snowy conditions. Even on a dry day, worn tires or improperly fitted tires will cause your car’s performance to degrade.

When you need new tires, we’ll take the time to help you choose the optimum tire size and tread type that best for your vehicle and your budget. We’ll mount and balance your new tires so they run well and wear evenly.

Maintain your tires with regular tire rotation interval of 10,000 miles. If uneven wear is found, we can do a proper alignment of all four wheels. Our tire repair specialists can fix punctures that don’t affect the safety of your tires and be honest with you when punctures are in dangerous places – like being too close to sidewalls.

If your call pulls to one side or if you feel a pulsing vibration at highway speeds, you likely need tire work. One of the wheels may be unbalanced, misaligned or under-inflated. Stop in at 13 & Crooks Auto Repair to have it checked out.

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